Consumer Products GroupLifestyle Division

Major Products and Areas

Major Products and Areas

  • 一个pparel, Footwear
  • Lifestyle Products
  • Textile Materials, Industrial Materials
  • Nursing Care Products and Services
  • Rubber Products (tires and conveyor belts)
  • Rubber Raw Materials (natural and synthetic rubber)

Our Strengths

Establishment of OEM*1and ODM*2systems for lifestyle-related products that plan, produce, and deliver the right amount of products at the right time with short delivery times

Marubeni has established a system whereby apparel, footwear, everyday consumer goods, and other lifestyle products are planned and produced within a short lead-time, and delivered to retailers at the proper volume and on a timely basis. This Division’s advanced merchandise planning capabilities allow for the quick identification of trends and needs , which are then applied to designs; by leveraging supply chains vertically integrated from the sourcing of raw materials to end products, we are able to supply high-quality, cost-competitive products, and we have earned the trust of our many customers both domestic and abroad.

  • OEM: Original Equipment Manufacturer; manufacturing of products sold under the name or brand of the contractee.
  • ODM: Original Design Manufacturer; ODM is an abbreviation for Original Design Manufacturing/Manufacturer. An ODM does everything from the development and design to the production of a product that is eventually sold under another firm’s name or brand.

  • Saide Tekstil conducts apparel planning, manufacturing, and sales business
  • 一个pparel factory operated by overseas subcontractor

一个global provider of a wide variety of textile, leather, and related materials

We supply a wide variety of textile materials, leather materials, and related materials globally, including industrial materials, functional materials, lifestyle materials, raw materials, housing materials, and fabric materials. In addition, we are working to build a recycling-oriented supply chain through the recycling of textile products in order to solve social and environmental issues such as those presented by textile product disposal.

  • Various textile materials
    Various textile materials
  • Circ, Inc., a company specialized in textile product recycling technology
    Circ, Inc., a company specialized in textile product recycling technology

Business development in a wide range of areas, from rubber raw materials to finished products

We are developing a wide range of businesses, encompassing upstream (rubber raw material sales) to downstream (car maintenance and conveyor belt distribution) businesses.

  • Car Maintenance Business (Thailand, Indonesia, Mexico)
    Car Maintenance Business (Thailand, Indonesia, Mexico)
  • Conveyor Belt Distribution Business (North America)
    Conveyor Belt Distribution Business (North America)
  • Large tires for mining dump trucks
    Large tires for mining dump trucks