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GC2024 Group Human Resources Strategy

Marubeni HR Ecosystem

Human capital is the Group’s greatest asset and the driving force of value creation. In the Medium-Term Management Strategy GC2024, we will further evolve the “Marubeni HR Ecosystem” set forth in GC2021 with the aim of further strengthening it. The “Marubeni HR Ecosystem” is a concept that forms the basis of our human capital strategy in order to realize our vision of a global crossvalue platform, and it represents the direction in which we are striving for change.

The Marubeni Group provides a setting where human capital of high social value with diverse backgrounds can come together, work actively, and connect with each other beyond the boundaries of the company and the organization, where they can continue to take on the challenge of creating new value by combining their diverse values and expertise: this is the kind of attractive ecosystem that we hope to create.
The Talent Management Committee, a human capital strategy committee consisting of the President, CAO, and CSO as key members, discusses and promotes the human capital strategies to achieve this vision. The Talent Management Committee, which has been in place since FYE 3/2022, will align management strategy with HR strategy and continue to discuss key priorities such as the optimal human capital strategy for the Group, and specifically, human capital allocation, leader development, engagement, diversity, and HR system reform review, in order to promote the management-led changes with a sense of urgency.

Global crossvalue platform and Marubeni HR Ecosystem

Promote the Further Progression of the Marubeni HR Ecosystem

Promote the Further Progression of the Marubeni HR Ecosystem

HR Systems Centered on Mission
Missions based on “implementing organizational strategy” and “developing human capital”
  • Pursuing improvement of long-term corporate value is realized by implementing strategies in each organization.
  • Enhancing the ability of the organization to implement strategies by assigning missions according to ability and particular attributes and increasing human capital contributions.
  • Promoting the growth of human capital and increasing social value by boldly challenging larger missions that contribute to strategy implementation and working hard together*1.
  • To enable each employee to take on the challenges of his or her assigned role and goals, we set missions through active communication between the employee and his or her superior, conduct a year-end evaluation and give feedback to the employee, and set missions for the following year based on the results of the evaluation. This continuous cycle is closely connected with the employee’s individual abilities and career development.

HR Systems Centered on Mission

Basic Policy on HR Development

HR development is being enhanced through both on-the-job (main focus) and off-the-job training (supporting function)to train individuals who can succeed globally.
For on-the-job training, assignment initiatives are being implemented, including promoting onsite experience and recommending overseas assignments for junior employees early in their careers to develop professionalism.
Regarding off-the-job training, we have developed a systematic program, the Marubeni Global Academy, which includes business skills and leadership management. We take a multilayered approach to human resources development, providing training by organization based on the human resources strategies of each organization and holding group workshops for the employees of Group companies in Japan and overseas.
We will continue to promote human resources development initiatives to drive the growth and active performance of the Group's human resources, as a source of corporate value.

Marubeni Global Academy
Marubeni Global Academy


Marubeni Global Academy



Individual Learning Support System

We are introducing an individual learning support system to further motivate employees to pursue self-directed learning. By supporting ability development and the acquisition of knowledge and experience that cannot be obtained solely through work, this system aims not only to bring diversity and new added value to the company, but also to enhance the sense of fulfillment among motivated employees. The company has a track record of 20 to 30 cases per year of supporting employees who have acquired qualifications to become Small and Medium Enterprise Management Consultants and Certified Public Accountants. For distance learning support, a total of more than 1,700 people have used online learning services related to business.

Promote Work Style Reforms

Surpassing our Traditional Framework

In order to promote a workstyle that will enable us to grasp the needs of our ever-changing society and clientele, to devise solutions that fit with the times, and to create new distribution channels, Marubeni is working on a number of new initiatives from FYE 3/2019 that operate from the main themes of “Human Capital,” “Mechanisms,” and “Time.”

Human Capital×Mechanisms×Time

Human Capital

The personnel who will be responsible for the future of Marubeni must not only be professionals in a particular product field. They should also be able to grasp social and customer issues with a multifaceted perspective that goes beyond the scope of the business and have the mindset to imagine a solution by taking full advantage of the diverse business infrastructure (platforms) of the Marubeni Group. Therefore, the measures outlined below are implemented to promote the development of such human capital.

Marubeni Academia

Marubeni Academia is a place where global-minded employees with diverse careers and individuality gather from the business locations of the Marubeni Group all over the world and think about and discuss innovation. Participants are expected to think and discuss thoroughly, putting the things they have learned into practice and innovating.

External Personnel Exchange Program

This is a program targeting employees who are future candidates for management and executive positions at Marubeni. The employees are dispatched to leading companies in various industries, such as finance, consulting firms, and manufacturing for a few years to achieve results while working on the front lines. In addition to building a network of connections outside Marubeni, this program also promotes the development of personnel with an outside perspective, the ability to identify values/functions that have not been delivered thus far, and the ability to use insights gained to develop new businesses.

Triangle Mentor

Three people of different ages and from different departments form a trio and regularly communicate to form connections that transcend one’s organization and generation, to share experiences, to further mutual understanding of different values and ways of thinking, and to build a foundation for new employees.

New Business Attire Guidelines: “Self-Biz”

As an initiative to foster a culture of autonomous thinking and conduct, “Self-Biz” has been introduced. This is a policy that allows each employee to select the business attire that they personally feel is appropriate, based on guidelines that define minimum requirements while discarding the categories of business vs. casual.


The following measures are being implemented as mechanisms to promote innovation that transcends the vertically segmented product system of an organization.

Business Model Canvas

We have created the BMC site to increase the visibility of the assets and business models of the Marubeni Group and share them with all employees. To help create new businesses, we will expand the functions of the site. Meanwhile, we will implement initiatives to enable us to use the BMC framework.

Idea Box

This mechanism enables all Group employees to contribute proposals related to new business ideas they will take on challenge and business improvements.

Innovation Salon

The Innovation Salon is an event where external businesspeople promoting new businesses and entrepreneurs provide lecture. Employees who are interested in innovation can participate freely in the events. We hold events regularly, hoping that participants will learn new ideas from outside the Group to widen their perspectives, get inspired, or be motivated to act.


No matter how well people and mechanisms have been prepared, without time it is not possible to start something new. For this reason, the following initiatives are being implemented.

15% Rule

This measure makes it possible for employees to allocate up to a maximum of 15% of their work hours in activities aimed at developing business that will help to increase the value of the Marubeni Group. This rule aims to create an environment for each employee that makes it easier to search for and discover new solutions for customers and society by making use of the Marubeni Group’s networks, business models, knowledge and human capital.

Work from Anywhere

从任何地方政策工作,旨在提高the performance of the entire organization, has been adopted to encourage each employee to achieve greater quality, speed, and volume of output through increasing workplace options such as working from home and encouraging more effective time utilization.

Communication with Employees

Communication between Management and Employees

To encourage unity at Marubeni, internal meetings are regularly held with the aim of encouraging communication between co-workers and between management and employees. In FYE 3/2022, a total of 25 meetings were held.
By continuing to provide opportunities for direct dialog between management and employees, we will further energize and deepen communication within the Company.

Engagement Survey

Marubeni defines engagement as “a relationship in which individuals and the organization come together to contribute to each other’s growth.” To help improve organizational management and various organizational systems and to build a vibrant workplace, an internal survey is used to measure the engagement score of employees. In the survey, which was conducted in July 2021, the response rate was about 95% and the score increased about by 10% from the previous survey (two years prior). We believe that in line with the enhancement of the work environment, employee job satisfaction and motivation have increased.
Based on these efforts, Marubeni was awarded third place in the “2023 Best Motivation Company Award” presented by Link and Motivation Inc. in the large company category (over 2,000 employees).
While we will continue to reinforce our strengths identified in the survey results, we are taking steps to address the issues through a range of measures.

Relationship with the Labor Union

丸红雇员工会成立于1949. As of March 31, 2022, it has 2,786 members, or about 64% of our employees. The Company and the Marubeni Employees’ Union share common goals such as improving the prosperity of the Company and the socioeconomic status of all employees. Both parties respect each other’s positions and engage in honest dialogue in order to build good labor-management relations. In FYE 3/2022, 10 meetings were held, including management-union discussions with the CEO and other senior management members, various collective bargaining meetings*2, and committee meetings. In addition, the Company and the Marubeni Employees’ Union actively promote joint activities to introduce and implement systems and measures related to developing the working environment.

  • 集体劳资协议规定,(1)matters concerning the working conditions of union members, and (2) other matters that have a significant impact on the Company, on the union, and on union members, are matters for collective bargaining. The agreement also stipulates that the Company and the union must respond in good faith to any legitimate request for collective bargaining by the other party and strive to resolve the issue promptly.
Chiharu Momoi, Chairman of the Marubeni Employees’ Union
Chiharu Momoi, Chairman of the Marubeni Employees’ Union

From the Marubeni Employees’ Union

The Marubeni Employees’ Union aims to foster a company environment where each employee of the Marubeni Group can perform to their potential and both the company and employees can nurture sustainable growth. To achieve this, the company’s most important asset is “human capital.” Our employees create additional value, which is built on a foundation of diligent and mutual effort to make Marubeni better and contribute to society.
Through dialogues with management (such as management-union discussions), the Marubeni Employees' Union addresses all management issues by connecting individuals beyond their organizations, gathering company-wide knowledge, and integrating diverse values and then proposing solutions to the Company. In this way, the Marubeni Employees’ Union strives to resolve issues in an optimized and holistic fashion. At the same time, by expanding our network with other labor unions that share the same issues, we aim to become an organization that can lead the company in providing value to society as a whole.


Employee Development Data

FYE 3/2021 FYE 3/2022 FYE 3/2023
Number of participants trained per year 25,188 32,535 43,320
Total number of training days per year 23,393 days 24,340 days 27,029 days
Total number of training hours per year 170,000 hours 177,000 hours 196,000 hours
Annual training hours (days) per employee 39 hours (5.3 days) 41 hours (5.6 days) 46 hours (6.3 days)

Training programs provided by Corporate Staff Departments/Business Groups and company-wide e-learning programs are also included in the above aggregated data.