Consumer Products GroupFood Division-Ⅰ

Major Products and Areas

Major Products and Areas

  • Consumer-use food products, commercial-use food materials, dairy products and agricultural resources
  • Raw ingredients for food (flour, sugar, oils and fats, etc.)
  • Raw materials for beverages (coffee, tea, fruit juice, etc.)
  • Raw materials and processed products in the field of fresh food ingredients (agricultural and fishery products)

Our Strengths

Strong domestic distribution network and expansion to growing overseas markets

In Japan, we have invested in wholesale companies such as Yamaboshiya, the largest specialized confectionery wholesaler, NACX, a frozen food wholesaler jointly operated with Kokubu Group Corp., and Kokubu Shutoken Corp., a processed food and alcoholic beverage wholesaler. We have also built a strong food distribution network through strategic alliances with distribution companies, by focusing on investments in supermarkets based in the Tokyo metropolitan area.
Based on the marketing and sales know-how cultivated through these domestic food distribution operations, we are working to expand our business domain to include manufacturing in Japan and overseas.
我们也积极地发展我们的业务必威体育平必威体育平台verseas to capture the domestic demand in growing overseas markets, such as by participating in the management of Ace Cook Vietnam, which has the largest share of the instant noodle market in Vietnam.

  • United Super Markets Holdings Inc.
    Yamaboshiya Imported Confectionery/Yamaboshiya Torikai Logistics
  • United Super Markets Holdings Inc.
    United Super Markets Holdings Inc.
  • Acecook Vietnam Co., Ltd (Vietnam)
    Acecook Vietnam Co., Ltd (Vietnam)

Handling and overseas business development of various food ingredients due to food diversification, and commercialization based on food tech

With the increasing diversification of food in both domestic and international markets, we aim to create a value chain of specialty ingredients that meets the needs of processed food manufacturers.
In the area of sugar, a basic raw material, we have established a stable supply system in cooperation with our operating companies, Toyo Sugar Refining Co. and Miyako Seito Co.
In Japan, through Marubeni Foods Corporation, which has a broad sales network, we provide solution capabilities for customer issues by establishing a safe, secure, and efficient supply chain and proposing food ingredients.
As a new business area, we have also established a specialized organization to develop new businesses related to food science, and are working with food tech companies to promote businesses that address social issues such as global warming and the protein crisis.

  • Various food raw materials
    Various food raw materials
  • Olive oil
    Olive oil
  • Soy burgers
    Soy burgers

With 1/3 of the import and sales share in the industry, Marubeni runs an optimized supply chain for the coffee trade

Marubeni has about a 30% import share of the entire coffee bean industry. For instant coffee, Marubeni has established a sales system not only for Japan but also global markets including Europe, the U.S., Asia, and other parts of the world, with Marubeni's subsidiary Cia Iguaçu de Café Solúvel (Brazil), one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of instant coffee raw materials in the world, as the production base.
Furthermore, in May of 2019, we established Iguacu Vietnam Co. (Marubeni wholly owned subsidiary in Vietnam) and started production and sales in fiscal year 2022. We plan to utilize Iguacu’s production technology, know-how, as well as its sales network, and with Marubeni taking the lead in business management, we will expand this business in the growing instant coffee market, with a focus on the ASEAN region and China. With both companies slated to produce 40,000 tons of instant coffee annually, Marubeni is moving to be one of the world’s largest manufacturers and distributors in the B-to-B instant coffee market.

  • Cia. Iguacu de Cafe Soluvel (Brazil)
  • Iguacu Vietnam Co.
    Iguacu Vietnam Co.
  • COLORADO Headquater
    COLORADO Headquater

Business that creates and provides new customer value by capturing the needs of society in the field of fresh food ingredients (fishery and agricultural products)

In recent years, consumer values have been rapidly changing, through an increased awareness in sustainability and an increase in frozen food consumption against the backdrop of the growing demand for home meals. In addition, social issues such as supply chain disruptions in the global market due to the COVID-19 pandemic have emerged.
Marubeni is supplying raw materials and processed products in the fresh food ingredients field that meet these changing consumer needs and new social demands through Benirei Corporation, Marubeni Foods Corporation, and Eastern Fish Company, which are top-ranked sales companies in both the Japanese and U.S. markets. In addition, through Marubeni’s 2020 investment in Danish Salmon A/S in Denmark, which promotes sustainable and environmentally friendly closed-loop land-based salmon farming, Marubeni is contributing to the stable supply of salmon, for which global demand is growing. Marubeni is actively promoting businesses that contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

  • Shrimp products from Eastern Fish Company (U.S.)
    Shrimp products from Eastern Fish Company (U.S.)
  • Closed-cycle land-based aquaculture equipment
    Closed-cycle land-based aquaculture equipment
  • Fishery resources & products
    Fishery resources & products

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